Fortnite Including Feminine Cranium Ranger?

When the Fortnite Interval 6 trailer launched, many thought it hinted on the achievable return of Cranium Trooper. Moreover, it appeared possible that this unusual and beloved pores and skin would launch throughout the time of Halloween. Though this stays a chance, it could look like Epic additionally has a little bit one thing else in mind: a lady Cranium Ranger.

Though there is no such thing as a concrete image nonetheless, the Skull Ranger is integrated in some code for Fortnite along with different Halloween-influenced skins. It wouldn’t be a prolong of the creativity if the pores and skin appeared extremely similar to the Cranium Trooper however with a female physique. Of program, this must be taken with a grain of salt, as in keeping with the leaker, the coding by itself shouldn’t be within the exercise nonetheless. Check it out beneath:

Even so, the coding is pretty in depth and ranges from skins to pickaxes and way more. The leaked particulars follows:


  • Scourge (Feminine) – cid_240_athena_commando_f_plague
  • Plague (Male) – cid_241_athena_commando_m_plague
  • Bullseye (Feminine) – cid_242_athena_commando_f_bullseye
  • Hollowhead (Male) – cid_243_athena_commando_m_pumpkinslice
  • Squashman (Male) – cid_244_athena_commando_m_pumpkinsuit
  • Onesie (Lady) – cid_245_athena_commando_f_durrburgerpjs
  • Skull Ranger (Feminine) – cid_246_athena_commando_f_grave


  • Headbanger – eid_headbang
  • Sprinkler – eid_sprinkler
  • Behold! – eid_lookatthis
  • Electro Swing – eid_electroswing
  • Get Psyched – eid_powerup


  • Herald’s Wand – pickaxe_id_107_plague
  • Carver – pickaxe_id_108_pumpkinslice
  • TBD – pickaxe_id_109_skulltrooper


  • TBD – glider_id_084_plague
  • TBD – glider_id_085_skulltrooper

Establishing off the potential of a Cranium Trooper return, these paperwork reveal a pickaxe and glider linked with the fan-favorite pores and skin. Nevertheless, it additionally may possible essentially imply that the Skull Ranger could be using these magnificence issues. Regardless, till lastly some factor formal occurs, we merely simply have no idea. Fascinated by the status of the online game and the Cranium-themed pores and pores and skin, it could be gorgeous if neither of the aforementioned skins appeared.

Within the meantime, Fortnite gamers psyched for October have to additionally confirm out this report of vaulted weapons and gadgets for the thirty day interval As many weapon cycles and seasons this in style wrestle royale sport has been via, there is sort of a factor there for completely everybody to miss. Inform us, Ranters, what do you contemplate in regards to the technique of the Cranium Ranger?

Fortnite is out now in early entry for iOS, Android, Laptop system, PS4, Change, and Xbox Only one.

Supply: Mystxc FNRB Leaks, 1Jaren

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