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4、年终表情活动上线,一个表情总结2017* Smartisan founder ofOverheating highly recommended input method
* App Store China area free second overall standings
* Pea pod design award high-quality application

News fly input method, one minute 400 words, voice input fly withyou! News fly intelligent voice input method accurate recognition,handwriting input pinyin smooth, beautiful skin as well as massivesell Meng expression, lovely color text, you must have a mobilephone input method.
News ******* ******* fly input method features

1, intelligent voice, personalized input
News fly intelligent voice input method input, recognition accuracyrate of 98%; chi adapt voice, know what you want to know what yousaid; voice password changes, last modified precise identification;support offline voice, no voice traffic can enter. 1 minute 400words, voice input fly with you!

2, handwriting input, effortless
Support stacked write cursive, handwriting enhance the efficiencydoubled; encountered word names, places, and other rare charactersdifficult Pinyin input directly handwritten input more convenient~

3, Pinyin input, smart and accurate
Pinyin and kernel optimization, one million large thesaurus update,cloud Pinyin input fully upgraded, more accurate input candidates,let your hand completely away from cancer worry!

4, Britain, Japan and Korea simply repeating translation, a fullrange of international
Translated simply repeating upgrade heavy support English,Japanese, Korean trilingual, said Chinese Foreign seconds tochange, make you full international range of children ~

5, dialect identify, understand your accent
Support 22 kinds of dialects input, AI temperature, understand youunderstand the accent!

6, scene optimization, more accurate input
New game speech recognition model, automatic optimizationidentification result; support input whisper, speak softly toprecisely identify; intelligent noise reduction, noisy environmentis not afraid!

7, selling Meng necessary, voice Doo map
Figure enrich funny facial expressions, voice bucket map, publishedlove talking seconds, so you fight and win every battle map;sections of stay Meng Yan words are all bowl to be updated in realtime, classification of use, support for custom ~

In addition to the above features, I still have a lot of useful andfun features, hurry to experience it ~
******* have a problem to find a customer service MM *******
QQ group: 33,645,107
Micro-channel customer service: search for “iFly input method”concern

We always listen, answer, and sincerely look forward to yourfeedback!

IFlyTek input method version 8.0.6227
1, dialect Protection Plan: 22 dialects recognition accuracy rateof 20% increase relative
2, the installation package thin 10%, smaller and more powerful,will lean Year
3, voice modify the new “clear” command [News Feixun fly to deleteall content]
4, end of year activities on-line expression, a face summary2017


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