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Design your own hero in this tacticalRPG!

As the war over ancient Relics continues to rage, there’s fame andfortune to be made; especially for a band of mercenaries likeyours.

Lead your band of heroes on various quests and to victory! Manageresources, unlock new job classes and uncover powerful relics tobecome renowned through out the land of Tevalles.

Chrono Clash is a tactics RPG with a unique turn-based system thatuses time as a resource. Powerful skills may deal higher damage buttake longer to recover from leaving the user open to attack.

Move about the battlefield to flank enemies (or attack them frombehind) and deal critical strikes. But beware, that aggressivepositioning could leave you in a vulnerable position as well.

Choose from up to 24 job classes (currently 14): classics like theKnight and Mage as well as new unique ones like the Dark Templarand Artificer. Equipment and skills can also be mixed and matchedcreating hundreds of tactical options.

Player feedback is welcome via the official game forum:

Recommended Specifications:
Chrono Clash requires 3GB RAM, and 1.6 GHz quad-core / 1.8 GHzdual-core. It is compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note7 and anydevices with higher processors for optimized gameplay. You willneed a network connection to play. Chrono Clash requires about800MB of free storage space to download.

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