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All your hard work has finally paid off -you’ve made it to the Olympics! Now’s your chance to dress up indazzling aerobic gymnast leotards and represent your country withpride! Work on your amazing gymnast moves until they’re ready forthe Olympics. Practice makes perfect! Compete your way to thatshiny GOLD medal! Keep your eye on the prize!

WOW. Your dream has come true. You’ve finally reached the Olympics,and you get to compete against world-class gymnasts to win gold foryour country. Train with a famous coach who has helped otherOlympic gold medalists reach the top. Perfect your aerobicgymnastics moves and win this year’s major Gymnastics Competitionin the Olympics! Get ready to dress up like a star – you’ll need alot of practice and dedication, and you can even come up with yourvery own gymnastics routine, choreographed by YOU!

> Compete for your country in the Olympics & climb the worldaerobic gymnastics ranks! Make that gold medal yours!
> Perfect your uneven bar routine and floor exercises!
> Get ready for the biggest gymnastics competition of the year,with an Olympic “coach to the stars!”
> Dress up is always fun, but gymnastics dress up is the best!Dress up in a glittery, fantastic gymnastics leotard that will makeyou stand out!
> Get creative and come up with your very own aerobic gymnasticsroutine!
> Look like a real star gymnast! Get a makeover, a manicure, anda new hairstyle!
> Hit the gym & get in shape before the competition!
> OMG! Golden Gymnast magazine just asked you to be on theircover! Photo shoot, here you come!
> Impress the judges with stellar aerobic gymnastics moves likeside aerials, triple full layouts, triple pikes, backward rolls& more!
> Ugh – gymnastics injury. No worries – the doctor will treatyou in time for the big competition!
> Relax at the spa before the big day. You deserve it after allthat hard work!

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