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Your world is in chaos! Your once greatkingdom now fights for its life against a scourge of mightymonsters! Treasure-rich lands need a hero forged in fire and magic;a giant among mortals with steel for muscles and courage for blood!Winning back these lands and restoring your kingdom to its formerglory will require a brilliant strategic mind, deft battle skills,and the might of epic alliances. Are you the Hero your kingdomneeds?

Kingdoms Mobile is the latest, innovative, real-time-strategy gamefrom IGG, the award-winning makers of global hits Lords Mobile andCastle Clash.
Command your own team of fearless Heroes! Send them intobattle with millions of troops!
Fight in unique, borderless battles wherever and wheneveryou want in a massive world of kingdoms!
● Perfect your strategy to survive! Only the most cunning ofplayers will find victory!
Learn from your mistakes! Re-live dynamic battle videos -no boring battle reports!
Create or Join Guilds packed with players who shareyour goals and passion!
● Chat in any language! Communication is no longer a barrier withKingdoms Mobile’s built-in translation tool!
Take Control of powerful cities as you rise to become theultimate ruler!
Build your own fortress and collect riches fit for aking!
● Only through power, respect, and allegiancewill you win the ultimate fantasy strategy war!

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.
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