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Shoot, Deploy and Destroy in the only BattleArena Shooter on Mobile!
Play Sensational Real-time Multiplayer Battles!

As always, Commander, your mission will be to DESTROY ENEMY BASES!You’ll need to SHOOT down advancing attacks, DEPLOY waves ofspecial, battle-ready Units, and use all your skill and strategy toDESTROY the opposing Base!

Build a SQUAD of awesome UNITS to lead into battle! Collect 40different SOLDIERS, VEHICLES, WEAPONS and BASE DEFENSES!

Shoot enemy Grunts with your Base’s Machine Gun to collectDEPLOYMENT POINTS!
Spend those Points to deploy your Soldiers and Vehicles intobattle!
Call powerful Tanks, Helicopters, and other Vehicles into the fray!Deploy Rocket Troopers, Grenadiers, Flamethrower Troopers, and allsorts of different Soldiers with different weapons andabilities!
Play different combinations of Units to make a winning push on theenemy Base!

Destroy enemy Units with Gatling Guns, Rocket Launchers, BombingRuns and auto-controlled Turrets!
Deploy the right Soldiers and Vehicles into battle to help youfight off attacks, and turn defense into offense!

Challenge other players around the world in LIVE 1v1 MULTIPLAYERBATTLES! Earn MEDALS for each victory, and climb through theDIVISIONS and LEADERBOARDS into the highest tiers ofcompetition.
Hone your shooting skills and tactical mind to become the BEST INTHE WORLD!


Earn Victory Crates by defeating your opponents in battle andunlock them all to collect more Units, Bucks, and Gold. Use thesevaluable resources to upgrade your Units and make your Squad evenstronger than ever!

• CLANS: Join a team of other Commanders and work together tobecome the Top Clan worldwide! Donate Units to one another,practice with clanmates in friendly Clan Battles, and competeagainst other Clans in weekend Clan Events. (Coming Soon!)
• EVENTS: Looking for a new way to compete in Mighty Battles? Everyweekend, a new EVENT will test your skills with a unique andchallenging set of rules. Compete against other players and Clansall weekend, and win sweet rewards for placing on the EventLeaderboard! (Coming Soon!)
• TRAINING MODES: Practice with new Squad combinations and newUnits in a CUSTOMIZABLE TRAINER MODE that you can tailor to yourpreferences. Challenge live players in a fun UNRANKED MODE whereBattles can be played without risking your Medal Count.

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