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It’s the last match of the League and you arein a drawn. It’s your turn to choose the destiny of your soccerteam. Fit your boots, run for the ball, make a powerful kick and…GOAL! Will you triumph as a soccer player and become the real scorehero of your club? Will you be the football legend of thisseason?

Download now Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues for mobile or tablet FORFREE!


Play in the most important soccer competitions in the world: UEFALeague, Cup, League, Champions League… and lead your team to thetop of the worldwide football.
Change your club every season and feel the emotions of playing inother leagues.
Try the hardness of the English Premier League, or get fun with thetechnique of the Spanish La Liga, or feel the strategy of theItalian Serie A… Could you win the trophies of all thechampionships?

Negotiate a contract with a club and try to get the best deal. It’sthe first step to reach a galactic contract and gain a lot ofmoney, like a real soccer idol!
Shine like a star and the best sponsors will offer you succulentscontracts, and will print their brands in your football boots andyour soccer kits.
Get the best soccer kits, take care of your alimentation, try anepic pair of boots… The real soccer power will flow through yourlegs.

Start your own football career in a humble club and raise up matchby match to reach the most famous soccer clubs in the world.
Your football career has just begun in the 2017/2018 season, soscore tons of goals and jump to a first division club in the2018/2019 season.
Reach world fame through all the seasons: 2016, 2017… And prepareyourself for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018!
How many seasons do you need to win your first league? And aChampions League?

Look after your relation with your coach, your fans, yourteammates… To get a spot in the starting eleven.
Jump into the stadium and lead your soccer team to victory. Controlevery aspect of your line up like a real football manager.

Different training modes: free kick, penalty shootout, assist thestriker… Level up your soccer skills to be the new star offootball.
Set wisely your team before each match and compete hard to reachglory with the best football manager game.
Free and easy to play soccer game: flick to shoot, flick to assist.Just one finger!

From the creator of Soccer Star World Legend, here comes SoccerStar 2018 TOP LEAGUES, the ultimate new soccer experience. As themain feature: Leagues! Play in the leagues from every country andlead your team to the top of the championship winning every singlematch of the season.

Begin your soccer career from the bottom. Sign with a seconddivision club and begin your journey to glory. Compete with thebest soccer teams and against worldwide known football players. Doyou dare to face Cristiano or Messi? Train to improve yourtechnique, shot and precision. That’s the only way to become anunstoppable soccer player.

Play in the most important soccer championships: UEFA League, Cup,League, Champions League… And lead your soccer team to the top.Take advantage of every opportunity to impress the sport press andnegotiate galactic contracts and the best partners. Take care ofyour social relationships with your coach, team ands fans. Will youaccept the FIFA World Cup challenge? It’s up to you.

Live like the soccer star you are destined to be. Buy luxuryyachts, huge manors, fast cars… Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues is theultimate soccer simulator. Hire personal trainers and agents, getthe best equipment for every season, fit your epic boots and nobodywill stop your kicks. Take your best and turn yourself into asoccer legend.

2018 season has started and your time has come. Become a SoccerStar!



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