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Hi Security ( Virus Cleaner, JunkClean, App Lock & Booster ) is one of the ?TOP rated(4.8★★★★★) free antivirus and security applications forAndroid phones, enjoyed by 53 million users worldwide.

Hi Security – the best choice for a safer, faster and smootherphone experience.

Hi Security’s Key Features

Double Engine Antivirus – Virus detector and mobile threatremover
Super Cleaner – Remove all junk and cache files
Phone Booster – Boost mobile to get it running faster andsmoother
CPU Cooler – Optimize CPU usage and stop overheating apps tocool down CPU temperature
File Scan – Scan both the internal and SD card
App Lock – Sensitive application locker with well-designedthemes
Notification Cleaner – Manage and organizenotifications
Call Blocking – Block unwanted calls or numbers
WiFi Security – WiFi speed test and protect onlinesafety
Privacy Cleaner – Clean up browsing and clipboardhistory
Safe Browsing – 24/7 online security protection
Quick Charge Master – Charge battery quickly

Hi Security’s function details

? Powerful Antivirus Protection – Super Virus Cleaner
Hi Security is powered by Intel Security (McAfee) – the highlyproductive anti virus engine – protecting your phone fromransomware, extortion viruses, malware, adware and Trojans. Throughour official partnership with Intel Security, Hi Security is ableto offer a world-class antivirus protection service globally.

?Super Clean – Junk Cleaner & Cache File Cleaner
Clean app cache, residual files, ad junk, unused package and memorycache.
Efficiently remove the junk files that occupy your memory andstorage space. Clean up all junks with one-tap, free up more spaceand boost phone speed.

? Phone Speed Booster – Accelerate & Boost Phone
Boost mobile to get it running faster and smoother. Efficientlyutilize your phone’s memory and speed up your devices. Improvephone performance with one tap acceleration booster.

? App Lock – Smart App Lock with Stylish lock Themes
With Hi Security ( App Lock ), you can add extra passwordprotection to sensitive apps. Lock your private apps by usingfingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep your secret safe fromsnoopers.

? Notification Cleaner – Notification & Message ControlCentre
Manage and organize notifications effectively, reduceinterruptions, create a smooth, clean and fast phoneexperience.

? CPU Cooler – Cool Down Temperature
Detect and clean apps that cause overheating. Continuous monitoringtemperature changes, detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts acooling progress, effectively reduce the phone temperature.

? Call Blocking – Block calls
Block all unwanted calls. You can add numbers or contacts to theblocklist at any time. Your blocked call history can also bereviewed later.

? WiFi Speed Test and Security
Hi Security protects your online security. Test speed, detect WiFispy and protect your WiFi.

? Scheduled Virus Scan
Automatically scan your phone daily, weekly or monthly.

? Deep Scan – Scanning and Examining Files
Scanning both the internal device storage and SD cards. Removeviruses and threats from your mobile phone.

? Safe Browsing – For Real-Time Online Protection
Block malicious URLs and protect yourself against phishing websiteswith instant warning notifications.

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