Monster Hunter World: The best way to Beat Behemoth

The Monster Hunter World and Closing Fantasy 14 crossover has now begun. The occasion brings over a number of beastly monsters from Closing Fantasy 14, placing them in Monster Hunter World to present gamers of the Capcom RPG a mighty, new problem to finish.

The primary of those new monsters is the Behemoth. Because the title suggests, the monster is large and with an extended tail, a neck of spikes, an enormous horn and sharp claws on its ft, Monster Hunter World gamers will want each little bit of assist that they will get to take it down. So with that in thoughts, check out this information of suggestions and methods on the best way to beat the Behemoth.

What Are the Behemoth’s Weak spot?

Probably the most essential elements to think about when taking over any Monster Hunter World beast is the monster’s weaknesses as these inform a participant’s alternative of weapons. In keeping with the in-game physiology report, the Behemoth is very weak to the dragon factor (which has a three-star ranking), whereas water and ice components each have two-star rankings. Hearth and thunder have each have one-star rankings, making them lower than optimum to take this ghastly creature on. The illnesses of poision, sleep, paralysis, blast, and stun all have two-star rankings as properly.

The physiology report additionally highlights which particular areas of the Behemoth are finest to focus on with what weapons. The creature’s tail is severable, notes the report, and it’s best focused utilizing an incredible sword (three-star ranking) or a hammer (two-star ranking). The Behemoth’s face, one other weak level, can be finest focused utilizing greatsword or a hammer as each have three-star rankings.

What’s the Enmity Mechanic?

Monster Hunter World Behemoth guide

Nonetheless, when concentrating on the Behemoth’s face, it’s essential to level out that doing so will set off the enmity mechanic. The way it works is that the extra participant assaults its face, the extra enmity that participant will construct up. The higher the extent of enmity, the extra that the Behemoth will focus its assaults on that exact participant.

Capcom has already defined that it added the Behemoth to the sport with Monster Hunter World‘s events in thoughts. The enmity mechanic highlights another excuse why it’s inadvisable for gamers to tackle the monster solo. Gamers wielding weapon varieties with shields (e.g lance, gunlance, and cost blade) and utilizing armor expertise like Guard and Guard Up will likely be finest suited to tanking the weak level on the monster’s face as squishier gamers gained’t stand that a lot of an opportunity. It additionally permits different gamers to give attention to different areas of its physique (comparable to that tail) whereas the main target is on their tanking teammate.

The best way to Keep away from the Behemoth’s Assaults

Monster Hunter World Behemoth best weapons

One more reason why it’s suggested that gamers tackle the Behemoth with associates is that the monster has some particularly devastating assaults. These embody Charybdis which creates tornadoes that can injury gamers and knock them again, leaving them weak to extra assaults, and Thunderbolt which sends blistering bolts of electrical energy in direction of the bottom. There’s additionally the Meteor assault which sends a large boulder crashing down onto gamers (although it may be prevented with fast reflexes) and the Comet assault which additionally sends big boulders crashing down, solely this time the boulders will keep on the map.

The boulders produced by the Comet assault are essential for avoiding taking monumental quantities of harm from Ecliptic Meteor, which is the Behemoth’s final assault. This assault blocks off all different escape routes and may solely be prevented by hiding behind the boulders that fell with the Comet assault. Capcom additionally warns direct hit from Ecliptic Meteor will end result immediately faint so gamers will wish to heed that Comet cowl recommendation.

Different Suggestions for Beating the Behemoth

Monster Hunter World tips tricks beat Behemoth

Different essential suggestions for beating the Behemoth embody making ready for bleed injury. Because the Behemoth’s assaults include a danger of bleed injury, Monster Hunter World gamers will wish to put together by placing Suture decorations on their armor to make themselves immune from it, in addition to utilizing Sushifish scales and Astera Jerky (bought from the Tradeyard of Astera) in an effort to remedy the ailment.

It’s additionally essential to notice that because the Behemoth is an Elder Dragon, it’s proof against traps. Furthermore, the build-up animations because the monster prepares its assaults can supply a superb window of alternative through which to assault it. One of many greatest items of recommendation being shared locally is to be affected person and strategic, reasonably than simply going gung-ho in making an attempt to take it down.

Monster Hunter World is offered now for PlayStation four, and Xbox One, and is ready to launch on August 9, 2018 for PC.

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