Pokemon Anime: Why Each Banned Episode Was Banned

Final month, an episode of the Pokemon anime sequence was banned in america and different areas the place the English dub is aired. This marked the primary time an episode of the Pokemon anime was banned in years, nevertheless it’s removed from the primary time an episode of the favored TV sequence was banned.

Listed below are all of the episodes of the Pokemon anime which have been banned, and the the reason why they had been banned.

Magnificence and the Seaside (Episode 18)

Magnificence and the Seaside, the 18th episode of the Pokemon anime, is a little bit of a novel case in that it has really aired in america earlier than. The controversial episode, which options sexually suggestive themes involving the underage woman Misty and Group Rocket member James exhibiting off his comically inflated breasts, was closely edited for the couple of occasions it was proven exterior of Japan. Resulting from its sexual content material, the episode hasn’t been launched on DVD and is unavailable on streaming providers like Netflix as effectively.

The Legend of Dratini (Episode 35)

The Legend of Dratini is one other episode that has been banned in america, however is accessible in different languages. The episode was banned for a few completely different causes; for one, it options a number of scenes with firearms, and two, it exhibits Meowth with what seems to be an Adolf Hitler-style mustache. Sadly for anybody who needs to observe all the Pokemon anime sequence in English, this episode has by no means been dubbed, and its absence additionally causes some somewhat obvious continuity errors. It was on this episode that Ash caught his 30 Tauros on the Safari Zone, and so viewers could also be confused when he abruptly has them as a part of his workforce in later episodes.

Denno Senshi Porygon (Episode 38)

Out of all of the banned Pokemon anime episodes, this can be probably the most infamous. This episode featured the normal-type Porygon, and was banned due to scenes with flashing lights that brought on hundreds of kids in Japan to expertise seizure signs. The tip results of this controversy noticed the Pokemon anime placed on a 4 month hiatus, and the episode has by no means been aired exterior of Japan in any official capability.

Vacation Hello-Jynx (Episode 39)

pokemon sun moon alola jynx form

The ice/psychic-type Pokemon Jynx has stirred up fairly a little bit of controversy over time as a result of its authentic design resembles an actor carrying blackface. This has brought on Pokemon sequence developer Recreation Freak to revamp Jynx to have purple pores and skin as an alternative of black, and has seen alterations and outright bannings of episode that includes the creature. The primary episode to be banned involving Jynx is Vacation Hello-Jynx, which has typically been made obtainable, however is as soon as once more faraway from rotation and unavailable on streaming providers on the time of this writing.

The Ice Cave! (Episode 252)

pokemon anime jynx

Whereas Vacation Hello-Jynx is typically obtainable in america and different areas that air the English dub, the episode referred to as The Ice Cave! has by no means aired within the US or different English-speaking areas. The episode was banned for the very same motive why Vacation Hello-Jynx was, and that’s because of the inclusion of Jynx.

Battle of the Quaking Island! Dojoach vs. Namazun!! (Episode 377)

Not like most banned Pokemon episodes, this episode by no means aired in any area ever. The episode featured Pokemon utilizing strikes like Earthquake, and because of the actual world Chuetsu earthquake that occurred a few weeks earlier than it was set to air, executives made the choice to take away it fully from rotation.

Group Rocket vs. Group Plasma! (Episodes 682 and 683)

5 reasons team rocket return big deal

Identical to a pure catastrophe brought on Battle of the Quaking Island! Dojoach vs. Namazun!! to be banned, so too did pure disasters trigger this two-part episode to be banned. This time it was the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and content material within the two-parter mirroring these disasters, that noticed the two-parter banned.

Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! A Landing of Friendship!! (Episode 1,005)

pokemon anime ash and passimian

The latest episode to be banned exterior of Japan was the Pokemon Solar and Moon episode about Ash working into a gaggle of Pokemon referred to as Passimian. At one level within the episode, Ash disguises himself as one of many creatures, and a few felt that this made it look as if Ash was carrying blackface. Contemplating the Jynx controversy and the way hardly ever episodes that includes that Pokemon have aired exterior of Japan, it’s protected to say that this explicit episode of the Pokemon anime will stay out of the English dub.

Supply: Bulbapedia

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