Pokemon Quest: Methods to Evolve Eevee

Launched final month for the Nintendo Swap, Pokemon Quest is now out there on iOS and Android cellular units. Those that are new to the sport could also be questioning precisely the best way to receive some particular Pokemon, akin to Eevee’s evolutions Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. Whereas there aren’t any evolution stones to make use of on Eevee like in the primary sequence, equally to Pokemon GO, there’s a trick that may permit gamers to regulate Eevee’s evolution.

In Pokemon Quest, the important thing to Eevee’s evolution is all about its stats and degree. Eevee gained’t evolve till it reaches degree 36, and its stats at degree 36 will decide if it evolves into the fire-type Pokemon Flareon, the electric-type Jolteon, or the water-type Vaporeon.

If Pokemon Quest gamers need their Eevee to evolve into Flareon, then its assault stat must be larger than its HP. To get Jolteon, Eevee’s assault and HP stats have to be about the identical, roughly inside 50 to 100 factors of one another. And at last, to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon in Pokemon Quest, Eevee’s HP stat have to be larger than its assault stat.

To affect Eevee’s stats, gamers have to equip totally different stones to it. To swap stones, merely click on on Eevee’s icon whereas on the base camp. Right here gamers can drag and drop stones from their stock to Pokemon, and vice versa. So for instance, gamers may take away all of the attack-based stones from Eevee when it’s degree 35 to make it evolve right into a Vaporeon at degree 36.

Which means controlling Eevee’s evolution in Pokemon Quest must be pretty straightforward, so long as gamers know which stats should be influenced to make it evolve into the Pokemon they need. In spite of everything, gamers are capable of merely re-equip their desired stones after they efficiently evolve Eevee into their Pokemon of selection.

Evolving a cube-shaped Eevee in Pokemon Quest must be pretty easy now that gamers know the necessities to acquiring Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. In fact, they are going to nonetheless have to set out on many expeditions with a view to earn sufficient XP to assist Eevee attain degree 36.

Pokemon Quest is out now for Nintendo Swap, in addition to iOS and Android cellular units.

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