The 10 Most Disturbing Moments within the Pokemon Manga

On the subject of the Pokemon franchise, persons are doubtless most conversant in the video video games and anime. Nevertheless, there’s additionally a long-running manga sequence known as Pokemon Adventures that loosely adapts the tales of the video games, following a wide range of protagonists on their adventures on the planet of Pokemon.

Since Pokemon Adventures relies on a kids’s online game sequence, one would think about that it will be pretty lighthearted. And whereas many of the manga is written with younger children in thoughts, there are specific moments that stand out as notably unusual or disturbing, particularly for Pokemon.

Over 50 volumes of the Pokemon Adventures manga have been launched up to now, so studying by means of all of them isn’t any simple feat. Nevertheless, we encourage anybody who desires to expertise these moments organically to hunt out the manga and test it out for themselves. Anybody who simply desires to chop to the chase and see what probably the most disturbing moments are ought to learn on, however take word that this text might be full of spoilers.

Arbok Will get Decapitated

The early days of the Pokemon Adventures manga are full of extra disturbing moments than later points, with the very first quantity having one of the vital stunning moments in your entire sequence. Throughout a battle with health club chief/Crew Rocket member Koga, Blue’s Charmeleon actually decapitates Koga’s Arbok. Within the Pokemon video video games, Pokemon simply “faint,” however in Pokemon Adventures, they straight up die.

Now, it’s value mentioning that later volumes are likely to retcon some deaths, however regardless, the picture of Arbok being decapitated by Charmeleon is somewhat startling contemplating how family-friendly the remainder of the Pokemon franchise is. To not point out Arbok’s loss of life wasn’t retconned for a number of volumes, that means most readers have been left to imagine it was brutally murdered.

Giovanni Murders Some Magmars

giovanni murders magmar pokemon manga

In principally all of Pokemon media, Giovanni is depicted because the evil chief of Crew Rocket, the terrorist group that is available in battle with our heroes on a number of events. In Pokemon Adventures, Giovanni is much more evil than he’s within the video games and the anime, although. He proves himself to be able to some somewhat heinous acts, just like the time he killed a few Magmars by first freezing them with Cloyster, after which shattering them into items.

A number of Makes an attempt to Homicide Kids

Pokemon Red Versus Giovanni

Pokemon Adventures is notable for constantly offering excessive stakes, and meaning placing the primary characters (sometimes kids) in mortal hazard fairly incessantly. Grown adults within the sequence try to homicide the kids on a regular basis, normally by utilizing the powers of their Pokemon. For instance, Koga tried to suffocate Blue utilizing Grimer, and Lt. Surge tried to each electrocute and blow up Purple with Pokemon like Electabuzz and Voltorb.

Safari Zone

nidoking pokemon anime

Identical to within the video games, Purple ultimately makes his method to the Safari Zone, a particular space the place trainers can catch uncommon and unique Pokemon. Nevertheless, The Safari Zone in Pokemon Adventures is much deadlier than the one within the video games, and sees Purple should fend for himself within the wild with out the assistance of his Pokemon group.

Purple’s time within the Safari Zone features a battle in opposition to a Nidoking that sees Purple blind it by throwing a rock in its eye, however an much more terrifying state of affairs comes about when Purple is captured by some Victreebels. The Victreebels plan on dissolving Purple (together with some random animals and Pokemon) in acid to then feed his juices to Weepinbells to make them evolve. Yikes.

Sexualization of Underage Women

Whereas Viz Media, the American distributor of the Pokemon Adventures manga, determined to maintain many of the violence intact for the English translation, it ended up censoring different issues, just like the sexualization of underage ladies. There are a number of events within the unique model of the manga the place younger feminine characters are put in compromising or sexually suggestive conditions. One instance is when the character Inexperienced, who’s presumably 11-13 years outdated, rips off her gown to disclose Pokeballs she had hidden in opposition to her breasts. For sure, that scene didn’t make it to the American model of the manga.

Crew Rocket’s Experiments

team rocket

Crew Rocket is depicted as largely incompetent in each the anime and the video video games, however the manga makes the evil group a way more important risk. Within the manga, Crew Rocket does much more than simply steal Pokemon and “blast off once more;” additionally they conduct horrific experiments on Pokemon. This ends in Pokemon being abused to the purpose that they try to kill any people they arrive involved with, and the mere sight of Crew Rocket can set off their uncontrollable rage. Crew Rocket can also be chargeable for the creation of the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, and their poor therapy of the creature ends in it distrusting everybody and trying to kill something that will get too near it.

The Elite 4 Needs to Kill Everybody

pokemon manga the elite four

Villains within the Pokemon Adventures manga are likely to have some somewhat bold motives, however few have matched as much as the worldwide genocide that the Elite 4 within the Kanto area need to commit. The aim of this baddie group is to basically eradicate most human life off the face of the Earth, and it doesn’t get far more sick and twisted than that.

The Finish of Ruby and Sapphire

celebi pokemon anime

The ending of the Ruby and Sapphire portion of the manga sequence is stuffed with stunning and disturbing moments, so it’s arduous to decide on only one. Principally, the top of the story arc contains the deaths of a number of characters, heroes and villains alike. As a substitute of all these deaths simply being reversed like we’ve seen up to now, the legendary Pokemon Celebi as a substitute transports Ruby and Sapphire to a distinct timeline the place none of those deaths occurred. Whereas this implies Ruby and Sapphire can see a model of their associates once more, it additionally implies that the characters who died within the unique timeline are nonetheless useless, and that specific timeline typically is doomed.

Vermilion Metropolis is Destroyed

vermilion city destroyed pokemon manga

Earlier we talked about how the Elite 4 in Pokemon Adventures has the aim of committing mass genocide in opposition to the human race. Some of the efficient members of that genocidal group is the dragon-type coach Lance, who makes use of his military of dragon-type Pokemon to assault numerous cities within the Kanto area. This contains the destruction of an honest chunk of Vermilion Metropolis, and whereas no deaths are confirmed, one has to think about anybody caught within the blast misplaced their life.

Zombie Pokemon

zombie psyduck pokemon manga

Lavender City has lengthy had the repute of being one of many creepiest areas within the Pokemon sequence, full with its Pokemon graveyard and creepy theme music. It’s secure to say that Pokemon Adventures does Lavender City justice, as a result of when the heroes go to there they arrive nose to nose with zombie Pokemon. This contains the reanimated corpse of decomposed Psyduck whose eyeball is actually hanging out of its socket.

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